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  1. “Langue de Chat” - Cats Tongue chocolate

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    catstoungeHow about a picture from those happy days, a vintage car, a cloth or a nice smell?  Is this called nostalgia? No, they are your memories and sometimes, indeed, your sweet memories.

    One of the sweets from my own childhood is definitely a special shaped chocolate called Cat’s Tongue. In those days this Cat’s Tongue was made from the best available milk chocolate and I am not sure if it was well underrated or was a kind of prestige. It definitely was not an everyday chocolate which Mummy was buying for you at the till.

    It was indeed a real chocolate, usually given as a gift to parents or grandparents and received with a bunch of flowers on special occasion. Together with the fellow grandchildren we always managed to sample some of them from Grandma’s secret drawer (of course until the box was finished).

    This lovely chocolate was not only popular in my home country but also in many other countries in mainland Europe and there are many traces of its origin, some of them going back about 120 years.

    By the time we discovered a Cat`s Tongue mould on our business trip in Belgium we couldn't resist starting to make our own Cat`s Tongue chocolate. We thought why not give a contemporary twist and create a nice selection of flavours. Apart from the smooth milk chocolate you will find dark, white, blonde, raspberry and green tea flavoured white chocolates too and the attractive box contains eighteen chocolates.

    Cat`s Tongue - we hope it will create some sweet memories for you too and yes, not only as a present – it is an ideal treat to share....