Chocolate Slabs

We produce a wide range of slabs made from carefully selected high quality single origin and blend of Belgian chocolates, decorated with freeze dried fruits, nuts and flower petals. 

Dark Chocolates:

Dark Chocolates with 65% cocoa solids

This chocolate offer a mild bitternes in harmony with sweetness, slightly grilled accents and fresh acidity. Contains a blend of cocoa from fine, aromatic Arriba beans harvested in the northern part of Ecuador and very light, reddish Asian cocoa beans.     

Extra Dark Chocolates with 80% cocoa solids

created with blend of cocoa beans from Tanzania, Ghana and Sao Thomé.

A full bodied chocolate with a warm sensual and subtle sweet accents. Fantastic flavours of earthy and grilled tones follwed by aromas of red fruits.   

Extremely Dark Chocolates with 86% cocoa solids and No added sugar

Blend of cocoa beans from West Africa. Made on the same way as a traditional chocolate only the sugar had been replaced with dietary fiber and Stevia.

Milk Chocolates:

Finest Belgian Milk Chocolate with 41% cocoa solids

A deliciously creamy milk chocolate with a powerful cocoa taste made from West African beans. Higher cocoa and less sugar, comparing to usual milk chocolates means around 25% less sugar.

Blonde Chocolates:

Caramelized white chocolate (cocoa solids: 33%);

Blonde chocolate is a new extraordinary type of chocolate one of the latest trend. Made from the Finest Belgian White chocolate which get caramelized by the chocolate making process. Sweet, creamy taste with decent caramel flavour. 

White Chocolates:

Finest Belgian White Chocolates (with 33% cocoa solids)

A white chocolate with unique velvet creamy milk taste and tempered sweetness.